Your Anxiety is Lying to You

What if I told you that your anxiety is lying to you?

Do you often find yourself worrying about things that may never happen? Feeling like something bad is about to happen even when everything seems to be going well? What Is It Like Living With Anxiety? It can be overwhelming, and sometimes it isn’t easy to know what to believe.

In this article, we’ll explore the common cognitive distortions that anxiety generates and how they can impact our mental health. We’ll also provide some practical tips on identifying when your anxiety is lying to you and how to challenge these distorted thoughts, so you can start to feel more in control of your mental health. So, if you’re ready to take the first step in overcoming your anxiety, keep reading!

Ways Your Anxiety Is Lying to You

When someone says, “Your anxiety is lying to you,” they mean that the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that arise from anxiety are not always accurate or based on reality. Anxiety can even manifest in extreme forms, like anxiety-induced psychosis, as explained on PsychCentral.

Anxiety can cause people to catastrophize, jump to conclusions, and assume the worst-case scenario, even when no evidence supports those beliefs. These thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming, leading to avoidance or other unhelpful behaviors. According to the American Psychological Association, understanding that anxiety can distort our perceptions and thoughts can help us question them and develop more realistic and balanced ways of thinking.

Cognitive distortions are patterns of thinking that can be irrational, negative, and inaccurate. Anxiety can often lead to these types of cognitive distortions.

Here are some examples:

  1. Catastrophizing: This is when you imagine the worst-case scenario, such as “If I fail this test, I’ll never get into college, and my life will be ruined.” This kind of thinking can be exaggerated and unlikely.
  2. All-or-nothing thinking: This is when you see things in black and white, such as “If I don’t get an A on this assignment, then I’m a complete failure.” This kind of thinking can be unrealistic and unfair.
  3. Overgeneralization is when you apply a single event to all situations, such as “I failed this test, so I’ll fail all my future tests.” This kind of thinking can be inaccurate and unhelpful.
  4. Personalization: This is when you assume everything is about you, such as “My teacher was in a bad mood today, so it must be because I did something wrong.” This kind of thinking can be self-centered and unproductive.
  5. Mind reading: This is when you assume that you know what someone else is thinking, such as, “My friend didn’t text me back, so they must be mad at me.” This kind of thinking can be presumptuous and misguided.

Recognizing these cognitive distortions and challenging them with more realistic and positive thoughts is important. This can help reduce anxiety and improve overall well-being.

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